Introducing The Win-Win Feature At Realtime Gaming Casinos

Realtime Gaming is an online casino software developer that does not usually change its online slot game features that often. However, on occasion, the company will develop and release an innovative feature that eventually becomes part of their mainstream slot games. One example of this is their Win-Win feature.

The Win-Win function fulfills a major gap that exists in online slot games today. Most consistent online slot players are aware they will lose money during regular spins and make it back or show a net profit once the free spins bonus round is activated. During the free spins rounds, players do not have to place a wager and therefore generate nothing but profit. Unfortunately, these rounds are not triggered often.

Similar to regular spins, winning during a free spin is random. Therefore, payouts are not guaranteed during free spins, no matter the quantity. As a result, most online slot players are quite disappointed when they do not win during a free spin round. Realtime Gaming has developed a way for the player to win even if they lose.

The feature works in the following manner. Before the next spin, to activate the Win-Win feature, the player must wager with all pay-lines activated. This feature is then automatically triggered following the end of a free spin round if the payouts are 10 times the original wager or less.

If this is the case, the player is compensated as follows:

  • No payout equates to 200 times the triggering bet
  • Payout is less than or equal to 2 times the bet equates to a payout of 20 times the wager
  • Payout 2 times the bet but less than or equal to 5 times the bet is 10 times the wager
  • Payout between 5 and 10 times the bet equates to a payout of 5 times the wager

The first slot game to use this feature was Hockey Hero, a hockey-themed game. The game consisted of 25 pay lines with a fixed 1 coin wager per line for a maximum wager of 25 coins. Therefore, in this game, the Win-Win feature is triggered by payouts of less than 250 coins.
This is an excellent feature to add more excitement to online slot games while enticing additional customers to play. Due to the initial success of this slot game function, Win-Win has become a mainstream feature at all of Realtime Gaming’s online casinos.